Bosch Crag

A beautiful, vertical chocolate brown wall with a bunch of uber-classic routes.


From the dam, continue to just before the track ends and you will see a cairn marking a path leading up the slope on the left. This leads to Ramset Crag. More-or-less opposite this find a path heading across the river on the right and up to Bosch Crag.

  1. Any Given Sunday **** 21/6b+ [6B,C]
    J. Samson 2005
  2. Best Forgotten Monday ** 24/7a [6B,C]
    J. Samson 2005
  3. Just Another Roof ** 20/6b [7B,C]
    J. Fisher 1992 (BB P. McCann)
  4. Never Say Goodbye **** 27/7b+ [6B,C]
    J. Fisher 1992
  5. Latin Lessons * 21/6b+ [10B,C]
    J. Fisher 1992 (BB P. McCann)
  6. Partners in Crime *** 24/7a [10B,C]
    S. Maasch 1992
  7. Me or My Girl * 21/6b+ [10B,C]
    S. Maasch 1992 (BB P. McCann)
  1. Master of Puppets *** 18/6a [10B,C]
    S. Maasch 1992
  2. Beg, Borrow or Steal *** 23/6c+ [19B,C]
    S. Brown 2004 (NB >30m)
  3. Something Nowhere **** 21/6b+ [8B,C]
    J. Fisher 1992
  4. Sanatorium **** 19/6a+ [9B,C]
    S. Maasch 1992
  5. Trille in die Bos *** 21/6b+ [10B,C]
    A. Davies 1994
  6. Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock ‘n Roll *** 24/7a [6B,C]
    J. Fisher 1992 (RB A. Davies)