Three hours drive from Cape Town, the Cederberg mountains has to be one of the most special places on earth. I have climbed all over the world, and I still find that the Cederberg is a hard place to beat.

It offers awesome hikes and treks, fantastic sport climbing and bouldering, and trad climbing of exceptional quality in a wild high setting. All this surrounded by unspeakably beautiful landscapes of semi arid desert and twisted rock formations. The whole of the Cederberg offers fantastic day hikes and multi-day treks, which can include some peak bagging, sometimes involving scrambling.

Also famous for its wonderful wine, beer and of course the world acclaimed Rooibos tea.

It is possible to do a single day-trip to the Cederberg from Cape Town, but to get the best from these mountains it is best to go for several days at least.


Houdenbektrad and sport climbing, day walks and MTB
Excellent single-pitch sport climbing, with a great day walk to the Heiveld Arch. The bike trails are also very good. [Houdenbek guide book] [Western Cape Rock]

Nuwerust (Rooiberg)trad and sport climbing, day walks
Excellent single and multi pitch sport and trad routes. [Western Cape Rock guide book] [Rooiberg guide book]

Truitjieskraalsport climbing, exploring
Excellent single pitch sport climbing. [Western Cape Rock guide book]

Wolfbergtrad and sport climbing, day walks and MTB
Excellent single pitch sport climbing near the campsite and chalets and superb trad climbing on the higher mountains. [Wolfberg Cracks guide book] [Western Cape Rock guide book]

Tafelbergtrad climbing
Incomparably superb trad climbing in a high mountain setting – some of the best in the world. [Tafelberg & Spout guide book]

Rocklandssport climbing, bouldering
Excellent sport climbing and a huge selection of world class bouldering. [Western Cape Rock guide book]