Wally’s Sector


Wally’s Sector. Routes are described from left to right.

1. Heatwave 25m (12) **

FA: Dave Mercer, A. Wienand 2007

2. Cold War 25m (16) **
FA: Alan Ross, Hilton Davies, 5 February 2008. Variation by David Mercer, 8 February 2008.

3. Power Struggle 25m (23) ***

FA: Hilton Davies, 8 February 2008

4. Kalashnikov 25m (18) ****

FA: Alan Ross, Hilton Davies, 5 February 2008

5. Heavy Breather 25m (16) ***

FA: Dave Mercer, C. Turvey, July 2007

6. Windy Block 20m (14)
FA: Johann Papendorf, 3 July 2010

7. Name to Come 20m (15) ***

FA: Phlip Olivier, 3 July 2010

8. The Inspirer 20m (16) ***

FA: Jan Fischer, Riaan Vorster, Tony Lourens, 24 November 2011

Start at a grey easy-looking face.
Climb the face to a ledge. Continue up to a brown bulgy section, then move slightly left to the base of a corner. Layback and stem up the corner to the top.

9. Feathered Delight 20m (16) ***

FA: Johann Papendorf, 2010/07/03

10. Uncle Albert 20m (15) ***

FA: Willie Koen, Tony Lourens, 2010

Start beneath an undercut, clean white face with two cracks running up it.
 A strenuous, but well protected start leads to some crack climbing. Continue up and slight left up clean rock to the top.

11. Rodney 20m (16) ****

FA: Tony Lourens, Riaan Vorster, Jan Fischer, 24/11/2011

Start just around the corner to the right of Uncle Albert and to the left of a flakey crack.
A bouldery (and slightly runout) start up the smooth brown face leads to a roof. Layback through the roof and continue up, keeping more or less on the crest of the blunt arête, to the top. Great climbing.
Variation: Instead of the bouldery face in the beginning, the flakey crack on the right can be climbed, then move left at the roof to carry on through the layback. This is easier, with plenty of gear, but the flakes sound a little hollow.

12. Silke 25m (12) **

FA: Riaan Vorster, Warren Mayers, Tony Lourens, August 2011

Start to the right of a block roughly midway between Rodney and Ayoba.
Climb on top of the block then climb diagonally right across the ledgey wall, past some loose blocks, to
gain a deep crack on the right. Climb this to the top.

13. Ayoba 20m (22)

FA: Phlip Olivier, 2010/07/03

14. Political Solution 20m (16)

FA: Karl Hayden, Lawrence ‘Batch’ Batchelor, David Mercer, Hilton Davies, 8 February 2008

15. Luvely Jubbly 20m (17) ****
FA: Tony Lourens, Riaan Vorster, August 2011

Start on a block beneath a prominent roof to the right of the black face to the right of Political Solution.
Step off the block and up to the roof. Pull through on the right on good holds past two perfect rails. Move up the blunt seam, then continue up clean rock to the top. Awesome route!

16. The Craving 20m (18) ****

FA: Jan Fischer, Tony Lourens, 6/11/2011
Start behind a large dead tree to the right of the low roof to the right of Luvely Jubbly.
Climb the corner, then layback to the base of the top crack. Climb this (tricky) to the top.
Great route!

17. Plonker’s Paradise 20m (14) ***

FA: Tony Lourens, Jan Fischer, 6/11/2011
Start up the next break to the right of The Craving.
Climb the corner, then tend right to the base of a crack. Layback up this to the top.